My initial impressions about Panasonic 14-42 pancake zoom are positive

Panasonic’s new 14-42 pancake zoom lens seems promising for use with GF1 or GX1 small good quality cameras although I may lose some shots because zooming is slow.

Here are my initial observations before I’ve had a chance to take any real-life photos. This is not a full review, just a description how the lens matches with my personal expectations.

  • Auto focus speed very promising
    • not radically different from 14-45 kit lens = quick enough for me
  • Auto focus reliability & tracking
    • can’t test today
  • Very small, feels light.
    • Small size is the whole point of GF1 & GX1 cameras.
  • Zooming is slooooow compared to zooming using a manual ring (that the lens doesn’t have)
    • Canon S90 compact camera zooms faster from wide to tele
    • Canon S90 has 3.8x range, this lens is only 3x.
  • Lens cap ridiculously small & could be easier to insert/remove
    • I’m going to lose it one day
  • No irritating wait between power on + first photo
    • 14-45 kit lens is faster because no need to move optics during power on
  • Build quality good
    • Would feel safer with manual zoom ring instead of electronic zoom
  • Image quality: can’t test today
    • consult pixel peepers
    • I don’t expect radical difference to 14-45 kit lens and that is good enough for me (for a small camera).

I tested with GF1 that doesn’t have the latest firmware. The lens might perform better with the newer GX1 body.

Some test images here.

Favourite Travel/Photography/… Links from Week 2011/28




Guitar Oscillations Captured with iPhone 4

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Favourite Travel/Photography/… Links from Week 2011/27

Lynx at Helsinki zoo. Personal favourite from past weeks photos in my Helsinki blog.






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Favourite Travel/Photography… Links from Week 2011/26

I’m experimenting something new so here’s links to stuff that I personally enjoyed last week
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Have You Found Your Calling?

Photographer Karl Grobl has found his:

I was once driving in the sweltering, dusty desert south of Khartoum in Sudan with an NGO and a pharmaceutical company representative and the subject of, “If you won the lottery, what would you do?” came up between them. I sat in the back seat listening to them go on about how they would live life differently. All the while, I smiled and thought to myself, “ If I won the lottery, I would be doing exactly what I’m doing right now. Except, I’d be doing it for free.”

From an interview by Gary Wise.

Found the story from VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography by David duChemin.

Selecting Photography Gear for Travel So That Broken Gear Doesn’t Ruin the Trip

It’s a fact that camera gear will get broken either through accidents or wear and tear and chances are that this happens while you are far away from home. Buying a new one might not be an option if you can’t find a camera store or they are out of stock. In the worst case a single item like a broken battery/charger might make everything else unusable.

Here’s my basic travel camera setup and explanation what I will do if the item gets broken:

  • Canon 5D mark II: great all-purpose camera.  I’ll switch to Canon S90 or I’ll buy an entry level DSLR.
  • 2 x battery and charger: If all batteries are lost, standard AA batteries can be used with the battery grip
  • Battery grip: I use only if AA batteries are needed, no need to backup.
  • Canon S90: very small and surprisingly good compact camera. No need to backup.
  • 16-35 ultra wide lens24mm of 24-105 is already pretty wide.
  • 24-105 walk-around lens: 16-35 + 70-300 together cover the same focal lengths.
  • 70-300 smallish telezoom lens: Shots taken with 5D + 24-105 can be heavily cropped. EF 135 f/2 as a fourth lens would be a backup.
  • UV-filters on all lenses: lost lens caps won’t cause a problem.
  • External flash: No backup, I wish 5D mark II would have a pop-up flash

I have enough memory cards to store all my photos and I’ll also copy the photos to an external hard drive using a netbook. When possible, I’ll have one set of photos with me and the other set somewhere else.

Something I haven’t backed up is the camera bag and naturally my Tamrac Aero 85 became unusable in Iceland after a zipper failure. In the future I’ll probably put a canvas bag in the camera bag so that I’ll have an alternative way of carrying stuff safely. This zipper failure could have become really annoying if I wouldn’t have been quite close to my hotel. To solve the situation, I bought a regular backpack.

I spent a few minutes thinking about the backups and while on the road everything is automatic. Since I try to start the editing of photos while on the road, the hard drive copies of the photos are also made without me even thinking that I’m creating backups.

An Example How Cleaning a Lens Makes a Difference

A few quick swipes to clean the lens and the interior of Halgrimskirkja in Reykjavik looks much better. Even the composition gets better ;)

The dust wasn’t evident in photos that didn’t have any bright lights.

Both photos have been exported and resized using Lightroom without any additional post processing.

Any feedback is welcome at

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