Personal Favourites From My Helsinki Daily Blog 2008

This entry contains personal favourites from my Helsinki According to PPusa blog where I have been publishing a photo from Helsinki every day since August 2008.

2008 was my first full year with a DSLR camera. I’ve owned my Canon 40D since fall 2007 and I started to pay attention to photography during spring 2007. If someone would have told me in early 2007 that I will take photos like these in 2008 I wouldn’t have believed him. On the other hand, I’m too aware that my skills are very limited in many areas of photography.

I might also post a small collection of my favourite 2008 travel photos in this blog in the future.

See the original Siiri Nordin concert entry. This actually looks better in black and white and today I might choose another photo from the concert (but those photos haven’t been published in the blog). This was the first concert where I really tried to get a good photo and took photos from lots of different angles. Earlier I’ve just been there to listen to the music and snapped a few photos.


See the original cyclist entry. This was part of Helsinki Olympics Today serie that I did during my summer vacation to improve my photography skills. Unfortunately there is “too much” Olympic legacy left in Helsinki so I would actually need several months to do the project properly. The cycling photos are among my favourites from the project as they are the rare ones that actually show how the venues are used today. I’m jealous to professional photographers who day after day are able to take good photos from any subject in a short time.

See the original St. Peter’s Keys To Heaven entry. The sky was changing very fast. Just within a few seconds there could have been a completely blue, white or black background or mix of them.

Soccer dads at Helsinki Cup 2008.

See the original soccer dads entry. Helsinki Cup was my first try at team sports. When I arrived two impressed mothers walked pass me and I heard the other say: “Oh, they have photographers and everything.” I missed a lot of opportunities because I was on the wrong side of the pitch or other players blocked the view but I guess even the best professionals will struggle with these.

Cities stink.

See the original cow entry. You can never resist a city-dweller showing her tongue.

See the original dark clouds entry. This is one of the most impressive buildings in Helsinki. I’m probably overusing the effect of dark clouds in the background when the sun is still shining on the foreground.

See the original Moon Over Kesäranta entry. Just by a chance I noticed that there was a rare opportunity to get moon and foreground properly exposed without any photoshopping. I’m not happy with the composition. I had a much better one in my mind but the moon moves faster than you might think, there was another building that I didn’t want to include in the photo and I was messing up with the settings at a completely wrong time.

See the original A Thought entry. This is a rare photo in my Helsinki blog as it might cause some feelings or thoughts in the viewer. This is also an example of a player blocking my view. This time I was able to use it to my advantage.

See the original Butterfly entry. I haven’t really tried to photograph any small creatures and I was a bit surprised that i was able to get an ok composition as well.

See the original Strömsdal entry. Just before I was going to Japan I was able to take a few photos that were showing that I was learning new kinds of compositions. This is one of them. Somehow in Japan I had already forgotten everything I had learned. There is room for improvement in this photo but I spent a lot of time to event get this. Light is also very important in this. I have several times tried to get a better composition when I’ve walked past the ship but that has been useless as normal light makes this scene pretty dull.

See the original Temptation entry. A rare photo in the blog where you can anticipate what happens next.

See the original Hungy Mallards entry. The depth of field is too shallow and the eyes should be more visible (e.g. catchlights) but something in the yellow water attracts me.

See the original Fun Fair entry. In fun fairs you are supposed to take photos like this. I guess this is a bit different from the cliche as this is from a  city centre. I haven’t yet decided whether the text tulevaisuus (future) is a good or bad thing in the photo.

See the original Seurasaari squirrels entry. Simple. I should take more simple photos.

See the original Elegant butterfly entry. I guess this is more about her skills to look interesting than about my photography skills. I noticed that many others had also chosen to photograph her and to publish photos of her in the net. Helsinki Samba Carnival was my first attempt to photograph any kind of performances. I got several almost good photos where some detail ruined the photo. There are more samba photos before and after the original entry.

See the original Christmas Lights entry. My best photo of the two Helsinki icons. It would still need post processing so that the guys would be more visible. This was actually taken during end of 2007…

See the original Larin Paraske entry. I should be taking more photos where I concentrate on a detail of the subject.

See the original St. Lucy (Lucia-neito) entry. This is a quick off guard moment while a square full of people are watching her. More my photos from the parade.

See the original Back In HEL entry. A lucky chance to be on the ground at an airport during the blue hour when the ground is wet and it is full moon. Only limiting factor was time that I had only some seconds. I wanted the moon and its reflection from the wet ground and this plane was only thing that I could have included in the photo.

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