Personal Favourites from My Helsinki Daily Photo Blog 2009, First Half

First half of the year is now gone so it is time to select personal favourite images from my Helsinki According to PPusa daily photo blog’s this year’s entries.

Again I have a bit mixed feelings about these. On the other hand just a few years ago I would have never believed that I could take photos like these but when I consider how many photos I’ve taken and how many hours I’ve spent, I should have been able to produce better images. I haven’t challenged myself enough and I haven’t been as carefull as I would want to be. I should plan more and not just go out randomly and shoot everything that moves (or is not moving).

Most of my images contain hardly any post-processing except cropping. When I post one image a day, I don’t have the time. Too often there have been big problems with exposure/white balance/crop/horizon/… that I notice too late as too often I just quickly select the images for the next week without paying enough attention to them.

These are not my best images from 2009 so far as quite often I’ve initially chosen a wrong image from a set for the blog and it’s not abnormal for me to discover better crops for photos when they are already several weeks or months old. For example, several images from the Historical Military Camp at Suomenlinna Sea Fortress set would have had a chance to make it to these favourites if I only would have posted them in the Helsinki blog.

See the original Helsinki Day Ends with Samba entry. In the blog I mostly post photos of people only when they are performing publicly so any photo containing a clearly identifiable person is quite near making as one of the favourites.

Click here to see more photos from the samba carnaval.

See the original Suomenlinna Sea Fortress was Conquered… entry. Suomenlinna looks great with all these yellow flowers. It was just quite difficult to take a photo that would show what I was seeing and this is one of the few where I was getting to the right direction.

See the original Finnish Orthodox Church entry. This is not a very special interior shot but basically I just had to include it because the vast majority of my photos in the blog are shot outdoors. I should take more indoor shots in the future.

See the original I Fell Asleep… entry. Probably the easiest way to take a photo that looks better than the average is to take a photo of a subject that has been lighted by someone who knows more about lighting than you do.

See the original After the Game entry. An ice hockey player in a unfamiliar environment. I should have waited till the players on the background leave and it could show more clearly that these stairs are outdoors and not just inside a ice hall.

See the original Baboonrights Activism. A rare image in the blog that might cause some emotions in the viewer.

See the original Trams at Hämeentie Street entry. Green trams are a symbol of Helsinki and usually you don’t see three of them at the same time. This was taken on the very first day ever when I had time to be outdoors shooting when it was snowing.

See the original Boxing Legend Gunnar “GeeBee” Bärlund. His statue actually looks very good from many different angles.

See the original A Prince in the Making entry. Ice sculptures look great on location but they are not that easy to photograph when the sky is dull and the ground is white.

See the original Snow Leopard Attack entry. I’ve noticed that I’m better at reacting to something unexpected than creating a photo when I have lot’s of time for composition. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. At least it is easier to improve skills on the latter.

See the original Paradise Island entry. On of the great things about Helsinki from a photography point of view is that the seasons are very different and the time between sunrise and sunset varies so much that on the summer the sun is practically up all the time and during winter workdays you might not see the sun at all.

See the original When Hel(l)sinki Freezes over entry. This kind of ice looks good on location but a photo should also contain something else or it will look pretty boring.

I did a similar collection last year so click here to see my personal favourites from the year before (2008)

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